Retail Payments

What we offer

Key products and services

ATM switching and settlement
Enables clients of any participating bank to draw money from ATMs belonging to any other participating bank, for credit and debit cardholders.
In-country card payments switching service
Allows a country to host its own card payments infrastructure to switch, clear and settle card payments on point-of-sale (POS) and cash withdrawals from ATMs belonging to banks other than the cardholder’s bank. This enables interoperability between banks.
Card not present
Allows for secure internet shopping for buyers (cardholders) and sellers (retailers). This is done by enabling card issuers to verify a cardholder’s registered PIN online and provides results to the merchant/retailer in real-time during the checkout process.
Debit card
SMS service facilitates interbank debit card transactions at POS and includes the provision of automated billing, management information and access to a reliable processing infrastructure. Our system is key in transmitting the transaction to the merchant’s bank, which passes the transaction to BankservAfrica to route it to the issuing (customer’s) bank for authorisation.
Credit card clearing and settlement
Credit and debit card services and facilitated interbank clearing and settlement of card transactions processed at POS for all types of credit and debit cards. This includes automated billing, management information and statistical data reporting and access to a reliable card processing infrastructure.
BIC ISO translation
Translates real-time messages from international card schemes format to BIC ISO format and back.
International scheme routing
Routes messages to and from UnionPay International, VISA and MasterCard to local banks.
Credit card authorisation
Provides credit and debit card authorisation services and facilitates interbank authorisations of card transactions processed at POS.


  • We recorded fewer system disruptions and high levels of system availability.
  • Pleasing progress has been made on the card payment tokenisation project, with approval granted to run a proof of concept with one or more participants.
  • The business exceeded revenue targets and volume growth thanks to the enhancement of its product portfolio and investment in technology infrastructure, which included an IT hardware overhaul (see Overview from Emile Burger for more information).
  • We completed the migration to a 3D Secure environment, resulting in lower client costs, improved reliability and risk-based levels of authentication.
  • To achieve our goal of SLA 100, a managed network service continues to be rolled out to our South African network users.


  • A deteriorating economic landscape poses a challenge to customers.
  • The increased competition and a need to reduce costs of services while expanding service offering and improving efficiencies remain difficult.

Looking forward

As the digital economy advances at speed, the Retail Payments portfolio looks to the future, in which real-time retail payments, within a secure environment and decreasing fraud, is emboldened through a blueprint. We continually evaluate our core and value-added services to enhance customer experience and accommodate regulatory requirements.

BankservAfrica is building infrastructure to support service providers who wish to use tokenisation to further secure card numbers on mobile devices and merchant databases.

The portfolio seeks to ensure universal access to the retail payments infrastructure to promote reliability, security, competition and innovation in South African retail payments.