Regional Engagement

What we offer

Key products and services

Regional clearing house (RCH)
Provides efficient processing of high-volume day-to-day, low-value payments. Providing oversight and interoperability, the cost-effective and reliable service ensures the secure movement of money across borders.
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) card switch
The card switch in the DRC offers interoperability at ATMs and POS terminals. The project supports ATM and debit card transactions.

The Regional Engagement business is focused on efforts to strengthen leadership, collaboration and capacity within the African geographic footprint. Regulatory compliance and a zero-tolerance commitment to ethics underscore the activities within the SADC.

On a practical level, the Regional Engagement business acts as a regional clearing-house that ensures the efficient processing of high-volume, day-to-day, low-value payments. The business provides oversight and interoperability for secure, time-sensitive, cross-border transactions.

Critical to the success of this business is a transparent engagement with officials at the helm of central banks, in-country banks, banking associations and industry associations.


  • We implemented a unified Africa strategy, aligned to the group’s core purpose, moving from sales to supporting countries and economies.
  • We advanced our approach to modernise African payments infrastructure, thereby making a grassroots contribution to the economic growth of fast-growing regional markets.
  • The card switch in the DRC recorded a steady monthly volume increase, reflecting market acceptance of ATM interoperability and POS terminals.


  • Regulatory bottlenecks in unstable economic and politically volatile markets continued to hamper growth.
  • Attracting and retaining critical skills and competencies remain challenging.

Looking forward

The Regional Engagement business will continue to work with its partners and members to design and adopt a sustainable payments infrastructure across the region that supports all payment types.

Proof of concept and compliance for this cross-border initiative is a priority during the 2018 financial year.