Overview from Martin Grunewald:
Acting Chief Payments Officer

The business looked inwards and aligned our operations to our core purpose.

It is my pleasure to present our first strategic portfolio review. Our newly formed strategic portfolios represent the customer-facing part of our business. It is an amalgamation of our previous products and services, aligned and adjusted to support our future ambitions. Each of these businesses offer value to our communities by creating an internal focus to deliver on our core purpose. However, they face strategic challenges in the future as the payments landscape continues to evolve.

Our Digital Infrastructure portfolio is the traditional core of the current business, taking care of many of our payments services. This business will face a challenging period and will need to work with other industry participants to understand how to deliver the next generation of South African payments infrastructure.

Our Retail Payments portfolio covers card services, including 3D Secure. We are focused on engaging with our members to agree on a way forward for South Africa taking into account the global changes underway in card services.

Our Information Services portfolio provides value-adding offerings using our core infrastructure. An example is the current launch of the first-of-its kind TFM service. We see potential for more offerings in the future.

The Regional Engagement portfolio is focused on serving customers and economies on the African continent. This will help to strengthen leadership, collaboration and capacity. We have a vision of supporting the payments infrastructure across the SADC region in support of the SARB and our stakeholders.

Lastly, Enabling Services offers our customers a range of products and services that provide end-to-end solutions in the field of data digitisation and data management.

Our portfolios are supported by sound delivery platforms – Operations, Network, Platform, Applications and Security – that give ‘legs’ to the market-facing functions.

South Africa is regarded as an innovation hub. Our banking infrastructure is sound, efficient and sophisticated. We have led the way in Africa in payments infrastructure, data provision and analytics. The digital landscape is evolving at unprecedented speed, offering risk and reward opportunities. Our stakeholders’ expectations are high and they expect reliability, balanced with future adaptability and integrity.

We believe our new purpose and structure will enable us to deliver a sound customer and stakeholder value proposition for Africa keeping this challenging context in mind.