Information Services

What we offer

Key products and services

MIS Cognition
Cognition is an internal and external data analytics service that provides insights, statistics and trends through online application services.
Transactional fraud mitigation (TFM) services
TFM is a newly designed and launched near real-time transactional fraud monitoring service. It profiles and alerts interbank transactions on EFT, RTC and early debit order/non-authenticated early debit order data streams.
RiskNet card fraud services
RiskNet is a hosted card fraud solution.

Information Services is a data-driven business focused on the provision of value-added services derived from the NPS. It enables business, regulators and the banking community to make informed decisions across multiple verticals, channels and platforms. The portfolio is focused on data-driven analytical services split across business analytics and fraud detection services. The team publishes economic trend indicators for the industry, including:

  • the BankservAfrica Economic Transactions Index (BETI), which is the broadest and earliest business cycle indicator on the economic calendar and gives the fastest overview of South African growth trends;
  • the BankservAfrica Disposable Salary Index (BDSI), which monitors how much cash salaried consumers have at their disposal and is released quarterly; and
  • the BankservAfrica Private Pensions Index (BPPI) which provides an income gauge of monthly private pension payments paid into bank accounts of those 60 years of age and over.

For more information on these economic trend indicators, please see


  • We launched the TFM service, a global-first strategic project with over 100 million transactions processed, that alerts fraudulent transactions.
  • Our ATM project is in pilot phase to enhance data integrity, POS online and settlement procedures in the pipeline.
  • Significant advancement towards the launch of a global-first national profiling and alerting service was made.
  • Upgrades to increase analytical capabilities and introduce data modelling and design were completed.


  • Attracting and retaining the necessary skills remain challenging, with large-scale projects requiring additional technical skills and capacity.

Looking forward

Information Services will focus on building on the successes of 2017 to establish the business as the provider of data-driven analytical services. Analytics-as-a-service and TFM across channels and platforms are new opportunities. These will be explored as digital disruption speeds up discussions around data-sharing capabilities and the modernisation of payments. Real-time digital identity and fraud profiling and alerting will become paramount to protect banks and consumers.