Enabling Services

What we offer

Key products and services

Electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) solution
Allows banks’ merchants to present bills and banks’ customers to pay them on the internet. This is done via a pre-formatted system that does reconciliations and invoicing.
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) services
Offers the global financial community a highly secure and reliable network to exchange electronic financial messages. BankservAfrica operates a SWIFT bureau for customers across Africa, reducing their infrastructure and support costs while providing certainty of processing and required levels of security.
Back office outsourcing
Offers reduced costs for cheque processing through innovation and economies of scale.
Business process automation
Offers a comprehensive document imaging and management services that automate client business processes digitally. In lowering costs and optimising the security, storage, access and management of your information, our solutions enable compliance with the evolving legislation governing this key business function.

The Enabling Services strategic portfolio offers customers a range of products and services that provide end-to-end solutions in the field of data digitisation and data management. Repositioned and streamlined, this division recognises digital data as a key strategic asset for customers, helping them to protect and grow their market share and competitive advantage.

We seek to add value to payments instructions by providing solutions to customers which incorporate reliable, digital platforms and applications operating on common infrastructure.

Our goal is to create operational effectiveness and efficiencies through digitisation, common infrastructure and process improvements.


  • The business gained traction in the provision of technical support via work flow improvement and process improvement advice to an increasingly discerning, cost-sensitive and security-conscious client base.
  • We successfully concluded the disposal of our contact centre services.


  • Ensuring the business unit remains profitable post-restructuring is a priority.
  • Obtaining consensus support for our Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) solution is ongoing.

Looking forward

We will ensure that we promote the role of the newly formed Enabling Services division and reconcile direct sales targets with our core purpose and mutuality.

We are working on a FICA solution that offers client screening and validation for accountable institutions. This will include proof of the client’s existence and an audit trail of verifications performed by accountable institutions. There is a request for proposals underway and once finalised, the solution will be built, incorporating best-of-breed commercial features.

We will drive strategic projects, such as the FICA solution and EBPP forward, while seeking operational efficiencies wherever possible.