Digital Infrastructure

What we offer

Key products and services

Electronic funds transfers (EFTs)
Offers bank account to bank account credit transfer clearing management, and same day transfer request or pre-dated transfer warehousing. The service also calculates bank-to-bank settlement and reconciliation.
Code-line clearing (CLC)

An electronic cheque clearing facility that receives and validates cheque code line data from acquiring (collecting) banks and forwards settlement information to the treasury departments of the issuing (homing/paying) banks to the SARB.

Physical cheques are matched overnight with electronic data overnight and dispatched to the respective issuing banks early the following day, while an image repository facilitates quick query resolution.

Early debit order (EDO)
A bulk collections processing service, with the major benefit being to improve payment ratios. The system caters for debit order requests and facilitates randomised EDO collections within the banking systems. The service is known as ‘early’ as it processes these collections immediately after salary credits, thereby allowing for a better chance of payment fulfilment.
Real-time clearing (RTC)

Allows customers to move single credit payments in real-time to beneficiaries 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

This real-time clearing system is integrated with the central bank settlement service which supports multiple settlement windows and includes the ability to force settlement when a participating bank’s daily exposure limit is reached.

Account verification service (AVS)
The account verification batch service is utilised to achieve greater levels of efficiency and as an additional fraud prevention measure by ensuring that bank account details match recipient identity details. Customers are able to verify account information using the account verification service batch service, allowing end users to avoid unnecessary charges for attempting to process payments to non-existent accounts.
Integrated cash management (ICMS)
Automates the supply chain of wholesale physical cash at a national level. This improves the control of cash in circulation by banks and central banks and removes duplicated functions while adding efficiency to the remaining functions.


  • All service level agreements (SLAs) were met and delivered.
  • We launched a modernisation research programme with PASA.
  • Our authenticated collections solution was developed and progressed into pilot stage as scheduled.
  • The structural consolidation of payments and collections services were implemented.
  • The integration of the managed network services portfolio was integrated into the Digital Infrastructure business.
  • We consolidated our payments and collections services into discrete portfolios, while the managed network services portfolio was absorbed into the Digital Infrastructure portfolio.


  • Managing the operational risk posed by the modernisation project to our IT architecture methodology.
  • Ensuring all businesses are aligned and that there is clarity on joint and separate responsibilities following the restructure.

Looking forward

We will review and rationalise current portfolios and associated resource structures, ensuring we have the right capabilities. We intend to introduce a research team to support and formalise our thought leadership goals.

We will continue to standardise services and improve perceived value to critical stakeholders. We will do this through better business intelligence and non-contradictory account management, and through appropriate pricing of services.

We are committed to participating in industry-focused discussions on the future of the payments landscape – a priority for the business.