ATM  Automatic teller machine
BBBEE  Broad-based black economic empowerment
BDSI BankservAfrica Disposable Salary Index
BETI BankservAfrica Economic Transactions Index
BPPI BankservAfrica Private Pensions Index
DRC  Democratic Republic of Congo
EBPP  Electronic bill payment and presentment
EDO  Early debit order
EFT  Electronic funds transfer
FICA  Financial Intelligence Centre Act
HDSA  Historically disadvantaged South African
ICMS  Integrated cash management system
MOI  Memorandum of incorporation
NPS  National payments system
NPS Act  National Payments System Act,  78 of 1998
OHS  Occupational health and safety
PASA  Payments Association of South Africa
PCI DSS V3.1  Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard V3.1
POS  Point-of-sale
RCH  Regional clearing house
RTC  Real-time clearing
SADC  Southern African Development Community
SARB  South African Reserve Bank
Saswitch  South African switch
SLA  Service level agreement
SWIFT  Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
TFM  Transactional fraud mitigation